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About The Event

RENEWABLE ENERGY EXPO MYANMAR 2018 is the only specialized Renewable Energy technology and equipment event that brings together an international congregation of Government and private renewable energy companies, suppliers and also its supporting industries gathered in Yangon, Myanmar to showcase the latest developments in the renewable energy industry in Myanmar.


o Networking Nite
o Renewable Energy Technology Seminars
o Renewable Energy Conferences

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Post Show Report Myanmar Electric 2017

2-4 August 2018
Novotel Yangon Max
Yangon . Myanmar

Fireworks Myanmar
Part Of The Fireworks Trade Media Group

Featuring 4 Major Events

Solar Energy Myanmar (SOLAREX Myanmar)

An International Exhibition on Solar Power and Photovoltaic Equipment, Technologies & Supplies

Wind Energy Myanmar (WINDEX Myanmar)

An International Exhibition on Wind Energy Equipment, Technologies & Supplies

Hydropower Expo Myanmar (HYDROEX Myanmar)

An International Exhibition on Hydropower Energy Equipment, Technologies & Supplies

Bioenergy Expo Myanmar (BIOENERGY Myanmar)

An International Exhibition on Bioenergy comprising of Biomass, Biogas and related Bioenergy technology and equipment.

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Facts Of Myanmar's Renewable Energy Industry

Off-Grid Opportunities

Much of Myanmar is so far off globalization’s trail that even the internal combustion engine is a rarity and diesel fuel unavailable. All labor is done by hand, transport is by ox-cart and candles provide the only light source for most of the countryside.

But this also means that renewable energies are not just low carbon, sustainable options, but really the only option available. As Min Chan Win, CEO of Myanmar Eco Solutions observed, “If you want lighting in the remote areas, solar is the only practical way to do it.” Other than renewables, “there are no real options,” he said.

Most of Myanmar is in a greenfield condition, with no legacy of fossil power generation — or any power generation — to work against or replace. Also, no one expects the central grid to expand into remote areas for at least a decade, if not longer. Flexible, decentralized community-based renewable energy systems like solar are therefore the best way to power the countryside. Solar lamps and water pumps are part of the equation, as is micro-hydro in the mountains and biomass gasifiers and charcoal makers in the rice belt and even tidal power along the coasts.

Tim Schroeder, project coordinator for German NGO Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), Myanmar, said in an email, "I believe that all could provide good solutions, especially small-scale hydro power systems and solar energy."

Biomass Opportunities

Myanmar is one of Asia’s more dominant rice growers, producing 25 million tons annually. Abouit 20 percent of this crop (5-6 million tons) is waste product — rice husks that are typically disposed. Since 2006, though, Myanmar has been transforming these husks via biomass gasifiers

Energy Storage Technology: Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES), Fireless Locomotive, Flywheel Energy Storage, Gravitational Potential Energy (Device), Hydraulic Accumulator, Hydroelectric Energy Storage, Liquid Nitrogen, Pumped-Storage Hydroelectricity, Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES), Glycogen, Starch, Flow Battery, Rechargeable Battery, Ultra Battery, Brick Storage Heater, Cryogenic Liquid Air or Nitrogen, Eutectic System, Ice Storage, Molten Salt, Phase Change Material, Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage, Solar Pond, Steam Accumulator, Thermal Energy Storage (General), Hydrated Salts, Hydrogen Peroxide, Power to Gas, Vanadium Pentoxide

Exhibit Profiles

BioFuel : CDM Infrastructure, Development, Carbon Emission Reduction

Biogas : Solution Providers for Agro Industry, Biogas Digesters, Turbines, Blower, Storage, Gas Engines and Gas Cleaning Equipment

Biomass : Combustion and Gasification, Turbines, Engines, Heat Exchangers, Generators and Gas Cleaning Equipment.

Smart Grid : Electronics and Embedded Systems, System Control, Automation, Information and Communication

Solar PV : Manufacturers of Modules and Inverters, PV Cells, Batteries and Electronic Meters

Solar Thermal : Storage Tank and Solar Collector, Piping, Solar Heat, Solar Water Heater, Application and System and Heat Exchangers

Waste to Energy (as a solution) : Combustion, Boilers, Turbines, Engines, Heat Exchangers, Gas Cleaning Equipment and Incinerators

Wind and Hydropower : Manufacturers of Power Business and Utilities, SPP and VSPP, Wind and Hydropower, Turbines, Electronic Controller as well as Construction and Commissioning Energy Efficient Appliances, Measurement and Control

Transportation and Alternative Fuels : Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicles, Novel Hybrid Vehicles, Novel Battery Development, Charging Systems, Ethanol and Bio-diesel, Fuel Pricing, Tax Incentives, Low Carbon Transport for Transportation, Logistic Management

Visitor Profiles

  • Public and private power utilities
  • Independent power producers
  • Cogenerators / self generators
  • OEMs
  • Government agencies
  • Project developers
  • Environment agencies
  • Consultants and Engineers
  • Coal, oil and gas operating companies
  • Power Generation, Small Independent Power Producers (SPP) and Very Small Independent Power Producers (VSPP)
  • Building & Construction, Home Owners, Hotels & Restaurants, Department Stores and Hospitals
  • Mayors, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and Related Government Agencies, Government Official
  • Transportation and Logistic

Agro Industry, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Automotive Assemblers/ Automobile Assemblers/ Auto parts & Components, Contractor/ Sub-Contracting, Cosmetics, Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Medical, Engineering/ Consultant Services, Electrical & Electronic, Textile & Garment, Oil & Gas/ Chemical &Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Food and Animals' Feeds Printing, Food and Animals' Feeds, Plastic & Rubber, Iron/Steel Metal/ Machine Manufacture, Sugar Mill,

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